Avin Zist Energy company vision

Avin Zist Energy international company considers the plan in international industry development with augmentation authenticity intention and universal support and addition sale capacity, in its 5 years of temporal outlook, has drawn out following perspective in 1400_1405

  • Convert to the largest water vapors recovery system producer company in nationwide and internationally based on index “genuine asset value” and “profitability.” 
  • Convert to the excellent brand in development augmentation efficiency in water vapor recovery cooling towers industry
  • Progressive and pioneer in creativeness stage and designing construct water vapors recovery system
  • Development geographical range activity in the international area
  • Affective Presence and sale and transferring technology in the international fields by using consortia  formation and foreign participation contract
  • Designing and applying comparison consent client efficient system for adaptation produces  and company services with client necessity
  • Obtaining direction human resources general system for upgrading specialization, ability and personnel’s assent