Beneficiaries' areas

Beneficiaries' areas

International Avin Zist company with creating creator reflection and modern in all organizational levels in technical, financial and economical on the basis of large planes and strategic, is following most profession values for all its beneficiaries

 Meanwhile, international Avin Zist Company, due to its professional stockholder gratification, is looking for increasing profitability and value creation. This company provides high-quality products and does its obligations to gain its customers’ gratification.

Also, this company withdrawing way plan, follow raising employee’s effective life quality area and growth and spreading qualitative organization humanity sources.

International Avin Zist Company struggles with efficient production and using modern technology to maintain and safeguard water resources and the environment.

Pivotal abilities and competitive advantages

  • Enjoyment of rewarding experience and high specialized validity with more than 30 years precedence in the industry
  • Inventor and concessioner water vapors recovery cooling towers systems project in the county and international level
  • Exploiting technical knowledge in manufacture management, especially in the steel area and tile working
  • Using modern ways in the marketing and sale in the industry

Enjoyment  specialist and capability human resources and raising deserving managers